When a blank wall seems to stare at you like a never-ending plane, a little decor can fill in some purpose. The range of wall decor ideas varies from simply adding stickers to installing X-size paintings. You can give it a contemporary finish or a retro touch by varying the intricacy of the works and balancing the glitter. You can use several faux decorating items on the freshly dried paint, add patches with a sponge, and use faux marble, faux animal skin, cork boards and wood. These ideas will not only bring about the creative genius in you but will also help control indoor noise. Add variety with pictures. Pictures add a certain casual flair to the wall; they make the environment relaxing. Focusing on the appropriate decor of a single wall will elevate the appearance of the whole room. It will sprinkle originality and attractiveness to that space.

If painting or hand art is not your type, then there are plenty of imaginative ideas that quick fix the artistic finish. You may start with pasting nice wallpaper that matches your expectations and budget. Wallpapers have never been out of the trend. The other way to cheer up the gloomy wall is to add a panel or a wainscot.  If professional help in carpentry required in wainscoting is not within your budget then you may go for ready-to-fix panels or fabric covers. Some fabrics can be directly pasted to the surface with an adhesive. You can also select the colour and print that complements with other decors. You can also alternatively hang a tapestry.

Stickers and cut-outs are even quicker and handy in dressing the larger surface. You must have noticed in some photographs where children’s rooms had many cartoon characters stick to the walls. Be careful to see for its instructions when you first paste the thing there. In some cases, the stickers can be easily pulled off which may be a potential hazard for the child. Try to buy the ones that can be removed only with the help of an alcohol-based remover.

Sparing you the pain of handwork and money, here come framed posters. They can be rested along the wall on a desk, hung in a sequence, or scattered randomly throughout the wall. You can decide the theme according to your taste and dreams. There can be minimalistic designs, a city from your vacation wish list, quotes by your favourite person, motivational words or anything that can add glamour to your wall. Allow yourself to be more open towards your ideas and the result will speak for you. A wall decor is a progressive activity that involves beautifying a vertical surface of a room. It is tricky but not limited to the tricks.

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