Farmhouse wall decor follows a rustic charm with the help of some primitive items. These themes appreciate the old-school and vintage items associated with agricultural and farm work. Products from the farms and barns were originally used in a typical cowboy style house. This trend is now mimicked in modern homes to create a similar feel.  Neutral colors, cast iron, bare weathered wood, frills, leather and handicrafts all collectively form a primitive appearance. Grain sack, worn out linen, galvanized tin, earthen jars and open shelves complete the farmhouse walls. Following are a few classic items that you can use in your wall decor.


Fully wooden cupboards with curvy support bring out the best of wood. Avoid floating shelves. Instead, prefer the angle support and the shelves should not be wider than a foot for an authentic farmhouse look. The cupboards can have vents or slits in the panels.


The placement of a mirror is very significant in bringing out its true beauty. The rustic wrought iron frame is the best company for your mirror in a farmhouse theme.


Nude, solid wood, somewhat deep and broad frames can be a great option to integrate your art collection with the prevalent mood. They can be round, oval, square, portrait or landscape, depending upon the work you wish to place in it. The types of wood may vary from mahogany, walnut, oak, pine or others.


Anything related to the farm work can beautify the wall. The iron hooks can hold pictures, plates, etc. Similarly, a rake can be hung upside down and its teeth can be used as a substitute for hooks. Other everyday items like cans, planters, woven baskets, scissors, knives, cowboy hats, saddle and other things can create a signature charm.


It is a German form of art, created by cutting paper with scissors. Such cutting may create a pattern of a silhouette. This art can be directly glued to the wall without the help of any heavy installation.


Farms have a long association with leather. Sheepskin and other hides of farm-raised animals were an integral part of the folk life. Often, leather was stretched and tied to the wall behind the bed to assist the headrest. You can do the same for the bedroom wall, or the wall behind the sofa. Broadhead nails can help to fix the thing.

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