Whether it is a personal style or contemporary vibe, the bedroom can be tailored accordingly. Most people choose minimalistic designs whereas others go for shabby chic. A personal touch to the design can be both modern and conventional.

Bedroom decor can reflect your choices and personality. You can design a room according to your color choice and love for arts. Keep it simple or use some creative innovation in decor, your bedroom should give you a complete sense of belonging and solace you need in life.

Max storage with style

Decorate your bedroom with style but also take care of storage. You can use beds with great storage. You can choose chest drawers at the corner with lots of storage. Also, use trendy artifacts and decorative frame arts to beauty the walls. Keep the decor simple and highlight the back wall of your bedroom using art pieces or paintings.

Don’t over accessorize

If you are keeping your curtains dramatic or bold, then don’t over accessorize your room. Don’t use carpets and rugs in your bedroom only to highlight the decor. If your flooring complements the décor, then don’t stuff in accessories. Great set of curtains and modern upholstery can make your bedroom look amazing.

Use small dimmers and lights

Highlighting your room with multiple low brightness lights is a good idea. You can use small dimmers and lights in your bedroom to bring an old fashioned look. Create a corner and place a dimmer highlighting only that particular area. You can also use small lamplights to create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. Use mason jar lights to create a twilight effect in your bedroom.

Keep it clutter free

Decorate your bedroom in a simple way but keep it off clutter. Don’t overcrowd your bedroom with extra drawers and storage. A bed, wardrobe and small chest of a drawer or side drawer should be enough to make your room look wonderful. You can create a cozy seating corner if your bedroom is big. Every piece should have a useful purpose in your bedroom.

Coordinate it with color

By introducing different pops of colors, you can make your bedroom come alive. Coordinate the colors with bed, the theme of the room and inject it with your furniture and art accessories. This will make your bedroom look pretty and cozy.

Your bedroom should be comfortable yet trendy. It is the place that helps you relax and contemplate on your daily activities. Create the right balance of comfort, modernity, and style.

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